Friday, November 10, 2006

Doorstep Connection: Milk Delivery in Westchester

Our connection with milk is primal and basic. Milk is the first food we consume when we enter the world and a source of sustenance in our formative years. In its whiteness, milk is reflective of our desire for things pure and unadulterated.

Many of us have a deep nostalgia connected to milk. We hold memories of cold glasses of milk with home baked cookies, warm milk for sleepless childhood nights and bowls of cereal on lazy weekend mornings. One of my favorite food memories is of the eighty five cent pints of chocolate milk at H&H Bagels on Broadway in the late 1980’s when my crew and I were hanging out around the Upper West Side; cheap, sweet and chocolaty, with its smooth texture and depth of body – goes nice with Led Zep – best deal in town.

For those old enough to remember times before supermarkets and convenience stores, and many of us who know those times only through sepia photos and shared stories, milk bottles delivered by hand to the doorstep of home speak to a sense of community and simple pleasures of life all too often difficult to find in the shadow of Gotham today.

Tom Rubino of The Hudson Milk Company knows about milk. And he knows how milk, a glass bottle and its connection to your doorstep can bring back a piece of that something that feels lost in today’s world.

A few years back Tom changed his life around. He wanted to reconnect with people and community on a one to one basis – like his father the butcher did in his business years ago. So with a strong sense of the possible, a truck and six customers in the first year, Tom started a company to deliver locally farmed, natural, fresh milk to people’s doorsteps across the region. Twelve years later Tom has multiplied his customer base many fold, added a second truck and just happens to be at the forefront of an international movement rediscovering locally produced organic and naturally made foods.

Tom attributes the growing interest in milk truck deliveries to the growing recognition that local, hand made foods offer flavor and health unequaled by supermarket offerings. There is a growing sensibility that values knowing where one’s food comes from. Tom’s milk satisfies this need, all the milk Hudson Milk delivers is from cows raised locally, not in feed lots across the continent from home.

The Hudson Milk Company delivers a variety of milks, cheeses, eggs and other good local products to doorsteps in Northern Westchester and across Putnam County. Prices are highly competitive and the delivery charge is a modest two dollars. Tin boxes are available for safe keeping of the products – lest the raccoons get the best stuff. Nostalgia rekindled is free.

The Hudson Milk Company
(914) 245-0409


Anonymous said...

Hi Wes.
Do you get milk from Tom?

I've been wanting to do a story about milk delivery for several years now. There's a company that delivers in Rockland, too. It's so cool.

Liz Johnson

WesFoodie said...


Yeah, what a great service. Unfortunately, Tom is not yet delivering to Larchmont where I live - but perhaps he can be convinced to expand the routes.