Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Find Flavor - Restaurants in Westchester

Welcome to the Table

There is something essential in the act of welcoming people to one’s table. Hosting is intrinsically bound with the culture of food. Some chefs are gifted at conveying their welcome through the presentation of a dish, the warmth of a restaurant’s design, the articulation of a menu or myriad other ways, some obvious and some slightly felt.

For this very enthusiastic but self-taught and reasonably competently skilled cook, pleasing others is integral to why I put fire to the pan.

Ideas about food and opinions, secrets about what we eat, where we eat it and with whom, are like food itself, deeply satisfying to share. And as with food, some of us can get a little obsessive with sharing (for example, one might start a food blog and take digital photos of everything you eat). We all need an outlet for our obsessions.

This is a long way of The WesFoodie saying: Please come share, dish some dirt, sling some verbal hash, tell some secrets and read everybody else’s minds on the new Find Flavor wiki. We’ve custom built an online wiki restaurant review engine and listing feature that you can use to write your own reviews, share tips and let everybody else in on your innermost foodie thoughts and find great restaurants and read everybody else’s stuff.

So come on! Write a review, find a great restaurant, share your food secrets: Check it out by clicking here: Find Flavor!
With each user's input, the listings and reviews will grow. To begin with we have listings for restaurants including The Willett House, Little Mexican Cafe, Le Provencal Bistro, The Flying Pig, Crabtree's Kittle House and more.


Anonymous said...

Great idea, we need it around these parts!! But somehow you need to make sure that contributors put the name of the TOWN that the restaurant is in, not just the street address...Westchester's a big place...we need a little perspective.

WesFoodie said...

Absolutely. There is a space with a drop down choice of towns for each entry.

Looking forward to your favorite local spots!