Saturday, March 24, 2007

CSA in Westchester

For years I have wanted to participate in a CSA with local farms. With CSA (community supported agriculture) you get the best vegetables at their peak directly from the field of a local farm in exchange for paying the farm at the beginning of the season so the farmers can buy seed, invest in farming equipment and otherwise support their farm for the year.
With CSA you know that every week from spring through fall you will get the pick of the crop at the tastiest moment and at a very good price. CSA must also be the world's most delicious way to do good; you help small local organic farms to survive and prosper by eating some of the freshest, tastiest food the planet has found a way to make possible. Eat to save the planet! I like it.

I've never been able connect with a CSA from a local farm though because, like most mere mortals, I work and can't drive across county during the day on a weekday to pick up my share from volunteers at a church. What's a working family to do? Pay outrageous amounts each weekend at the Whole Foods for stuff flown in from California? Yes. But no more: Problem solved.

Now, we can get great produce from local farms that is actually delivered to our home! The farms still get the help. We get great fresh produce from local farms and we don't have to quit our jobs to get it.

A few months back I wrote about home delivery of milk in Westchester. Nostalgia and convenience met, took a walk down the road of commerce and voila, milk in a bottle at your door in 2007.
right here in Westchester, works with local milk delivery men to deliver produce from local farms to homes in Westchester. Slurpingly good Ronnybrook milk, mouth re-orienting heirloom tomatoes, crispy lettuces freshly torn from the earth, regal cabbage, sweet melons. Oh mercy. The good Earth has found a passage to my door and its a temperature controlled van.

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