Wednesday, December 06, 2006

King of the Eats

Probably the best known eater in Westchester is Jughead. Yes, Archie Comics are all made here in Westchester. Originally, and until recently, the Archies came outta Mamaroneck.

You may have noticed that this Riverdale (read "Mamaroneck") resident relates to food much like The WesFoodie. But Jughead does not have a healthy relationship with eating. He is obsessive.

Archie comics are missed in Mamaroneck. Many 'neckers miss seeing Juggy slurp down several slices at Sal's (yes Liz, Jughead is one of the old timers who like this spot for the 'za). At least though, the line at Walter's isn't quite as long after High School lets out - and they don't automatically run out of shakes when that soft crown of the king of snacks comes around.

Juggy is old school and never goes in for haute cuisine - but I'd love to see him dig through one of chef Matthew Karp's extraordinary giant Ring Ding's at Plates.

Recently, The WesFoodie sat down with Jughead to talk about the food scene right round the Burbs. Jughead only wanted to talk about one thing: how the High School was going to start a garden.

Miss Beazly, it seems, recently attended a presentation by Alice Waters about The Edible Schoolyard and loh and behold, next year Riverdale High is starting an organic garden that will help to feed the kids in the cafeteria. Go Beazly!

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