Saturday, July 08, 2006

The People's Campaign for a Vietnamese Restaurant in Westchester

People of the Burbs, unite and walk proudly towards a golden future - the dawn of a finely made pho gha awaits you. For too long you have suffered without lemongrass infused com suon suong (grilled pork). Your throats are dry, deprived of caphe phin den da (Vietnamese iced coffee)! With a communal voice we call for bo luc lac (beef cubes). Together we demand a Vietnamese restaurant in Westchester County!

We moved to the suburbs, not the moon. Must we give up the exquisite crisp bite of fried spring roll and the cool green of a summer roll dipped in nouc cham in July? Never! To the Burbs must come Nha Trang, Pho Pasteure or at least a bahn mi stand (Vietnamese sandwich on baguette with pickled daikon and pate with butter) .
Join now in petitioning for a Vietnamese restaurant in Westchester! We will submit our petitions to Vietnamese restaurant entrepreneurs in New York City and Connecticut. Lend me your voice and they will come. Pho, pho, we need pho!
Email The WesFoodie for petitions - Unite for Flavor!


J said...

You read my mind; my life would be complete if I just had some goi cuon and pho around town!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog.

- Tweed

V said...

Yes! I need Viet Namese food please. I grew up in Tampa, where there are a great number of Viet Namese and Thai, so I never had to be content with boring Chinese food. We have Sawadee thai food in Hawthorne, but no Pho...We need pho.

VietHope said...

I finally gave up looking around Westchester and made the trek into NYC to eat Vietnamese food. Not only did I feast, but I brought home $40 worth of Vietnamese dishes to feed my cravings for the rest of the week.

What kind of self-respecting community doesn't have a Vietnamese restaurant?! Grrrrr... I would be so much happier if there were Vietnamese food close by!