Thursday, April 27, 2006

Forget the Cafeteria

Stamford is a weird town. There are huge office buildings – modern and opulent – forming its skyline and framing I-95 (its spinal cord connection to the commuters that inhabit it by day). Its motto: The City That Works. But while thousands upon thousands work here, the streets are virtually empty. Downtown on a sunny afternoon in spring looks like an outtake from The Omega Man – Charlton Heston’s post-apocalyptic nightmare flick from the seventies.

So where’s a working stiff to eat in a town with no people? Forget the company cafeteria. For those adventurous corporate souls willing to get out into the city, meet some local folks and taste the tastes of Stamford there are some spots worth traveling to.

One of them is Casa Villa. This small hole-in-the-wallish authentic Mexican storefront has tacos that are filled with soft meat glistening with natural juices, fine slices of fresh onions, succulent garlic infused sauces and each is topped with chopped green herbs. They’re terrific. And cheap ($2.50 each). This is a local joint filled with people from the surrounding community. The young woman at the counter is friendly to the WesFoodie and not at all put off by unilingual inabilities. It may just become my dining hole frequentemente.

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