Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kneaded Bread

Lately the WesFoodie thinks food in Westchester begins and ends with Kneaded Bread in Port Chester. I have been making the notsoshort trip over to this small but incredible Main Street bakery on the far Greenwich end of PC at least once a week for many weeks now. I don't plan on stopping these caked ending pilgrimages any time soon.

If you're lucky - or if one of the genuine and friendly counter staff clue you in - you will be present when a fresh chocolate cake comes out. This is the real thing: "mushafugga chocolate cake". Take a bite and mushafugga this is really good. A slice is about a half foot tall and almost as wide at the outside. It has two layers of dense, thickly moist and deeply chocolaty devils food. The cake is frosted with butter. Chocolate and sweet butter. But its butter and its delicious. Don't miss it.

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